Identifying investment potential

Finding and securing the right investment property is a time consuming business. It takes specialist skills to find a property that meets specific investment objectives; our tailor-made acquisitions service will simplify the process.

First, we will help you to establish your investment objectives. Then we will show you the pick of investment properties and draw up a shortlist that meets those objectives. We will provide a detailed financial analysis of each property we recommend, covering purchase and setting up costs including refurbishment if necessary, ongoing running costs and management fees. And of course, we will negotiate the best possible price for your chosen property and manage all the legal aspects of your purchase, right through to completion.

If you have already found the right property, you may be interested in our negotiation service. We will assess the market, suggest an appropriate offer and negotiate on your behalf so you can rest assured that you are not going to pay too much for the property.

We do not have a visible shop window. Our properties are mainly sold through our network of investors and their advisors and we look forward to discussing every aspect of your investment in advance of any purchase we may make on your behalf. At every stage, our philosophy is to be completely candid. We would rather not sell you a property at all than sell you something that we do not believe is right for you.

Investment case studies


  • Bedrooms: 2, Completed: 2001
  • Purchase Price: £400,000
  • Current Value: £1,200,000
  • Annual Rent: £37,830


  • Bedrooms: 2, Completed: 2005
  • Purchase Price: £350,000
  • Current Value: £775,000
  • Annual Rent: £28,600


  • Bedrooms: 2, Completed: 2003
  • Purchase Price: £390,000
  • Current Value: £850,000
  • Annual Rent: £32,500


  • Bedrooms: 2, Completed: 2008
  • Purchase Price: £250,000
  • Current Value: £450,000
  • Annual Rent: £20,600


  • Bedroom: 1, Completed: 2015
  • Purchase Price: £320,000
  • Current Value: £475,000
  • Annual Rent: £18,660


  • Bedroom: 1, Completed: 2014
  • Purchase Price: £460,000
  • Current Value: £630,000
  • Annual Rent: £26,500

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