Looking to sell?

You will either be a property developer selling new units in a development or a private individual looking to sell one of your own properties. In either case, we would be delighted to act as your agent, ensuring that you receive the right buyer at the right price.

Our network of investors are based around the world. They have a range of investment goals. It is our job to know them so well that we only introduce your property to people who are serious about buying and who have the means to do so.

We pride ourselves on complete candour with our clients. From your perspective, this means we will be honest from the very start about what we believe your property is worth, and who is most likely to buy it. We will also make suggestions about how you may be able to raise its value. We are not here to flatter you, but to create realistic and positive outcomes.

If you have a property to sell and would like to instruct us, please contact us.

Guide to selling

When it comes to selling your home it's important to make sure you have an agent working for you who makes the whole process as simple as possible. It's also important to ensure they give you a correct valuation so that your property is sold as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

At Benham and Reeves we work a little differently from estate agents. In fact, we normally have a buyer in mind even before your property appears on our website. We have access to a large network of property investors based all over the world, who are looking for opportunities to buy a property in London either to rent it out long term or use as a second home or to let out as a holiday home. We also have long standing relationships with leading UK developers and this helps us keep on top of market values so you can be assured you get the best possible price for your property.

Although we deal exclusively with the purchase and sale of properties in London, our local and international offices are best placed to provide you with information regarding tax implications if you're based abroad but selling in London.

Benham & Reeves: Property Valuation


Our extensive experience and local knowledge of the London market are best placed to give you a realistic valuation of your property. We will also make recommendations on how you can increase the property value including home staging or refurbishment. We will always advise what you can do to get the quickest and best possible price.Read more »

Property Presentation

Property Presentation

If a buyer is based overseas, it is possible that they may not even visit the property. One of our professional photographers will take images and possibly a video tour, so it's important to ensure your property is presented well. If there are actual viewings, the property always needs to be shown in the best possible condition to potential buyers. Read more »

Letting Hand Shake Offer Icon


a suitable buyer has been found, they will put in an offer. We will be very involved in this process, helping to negotiate the best possible price for you.

Benham & Reeves: Building Exterior


If you're happy with the offer, your solicitor will initiate the conveyancing process. The buyer's solicitor may then be in touch to agree dates to carry out a survey of the property, this could range from a basic valuation to a full structural valuation carried out by chartered surveyors usually instructed by the mortgage provider. If you are a cash buyer and would like a survey arranged, we can put you in touch with one of our industry partners. Read more »

Benham & Reeves: Pre Exchange

Pre Exchange

Your solicitor will work with the buyer's solicitor to arrange all the necessary legal paperwork involved. All parties try to get the contracts to exchange stage as quickly as possible although this period can differ according to the size of property, lease and terms of the sale. Read more »

Benham & Reeves: Contract Exchange

Contract Exchange

Once the contracts have been drawn up and both parties have agreed and signed, a pre-agreed deposit is paid by the buyer's solicitor to your solicitor. The signing and exchanging of contracts of the sale of property between both parties is legal and binding. At this point a completion date is then agreed by both parties. This will be the date that the legal transfer of the property passes from you to the buyer. Read more »

Property Completion


Once the final monies have been transferred, your solicitor will then contact you or us, and will then be instructed to release the keys to the new owner.

*The information above is for guideline purposes and should not be regarded as legal advice. We recommend you consult with a solicitor if you are thinking of selling your London property.

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